Wetherledge Weddings
Jamestown/ Newport
Wetherledge is an estate that sits high
on a ledge on the southeast end of
Jamestown, Rhode Island. There are
commanding views of the entrance
to Narragansett Bay and Newport.
The main house was built as a
summer cottage in 1889. It was later
used as an officers club during
World War II. The original Fort
Wetherill is now a waterfront state
park, that surrounds the property.
Our wedding site is located in front
of the main house. The gatehouse
resembles a small castle and was
built as a carriage house in the
1920's. It has been converted into a
charming house, that is now available
to lease by the week or longer.
There is a large section of the main
house, that can be leased, if you
would like to stay on the property.
On occasion the stone gatehouse is
available as well. Although not
required, this gives the bride the
opportunity to be more involved in
the preparations for the celebration.
It is also nice for visiting family and


                   Emily Rutherford   
View from Wetherledge
Main house
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